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Taking a multivitamin is probably the most important thing you should take whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or just live your life. The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to function properly and if you are deficient in any of them, you’ll often feel tired and unmotivated.

I take Centrum for men but you can take anyone that you like. There are multivitamins that are tweaked for body building and exercise but their price is not worth the difference. Living a healthy life is largely about feeling good and a multivitamin a day is worth it. I use to have no energy and I had a really hard time getting going in the mornings so I started taking a multivitamin and I’ve noticed a lot of difference in how I feel.

If there is one thing that you should take for sure if you’re not going to buy any other vitamin or supplement, take a multivitamin. Just because you feel ok without them doesn’t mean you can’t feel great with them!

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Different Kind of Results

I’ve recently gotten to that point where when I step on the scale like I do once a week, I’m not seeing results in weight loss anymore. Even though I know I’m getting results and gaining muscle, it still can be somewhat discouraging when you still see a bit of fat on your body that should be going away and the number on the scale isn’t changing anymore. That doesn’t mean the fat isn’t going away, it just means that I’m building muscle as fast as I’m losing fat. The scale isn’t everything and you should take measurements of areas like your stomach so you have other things to base your weight off of.

I also went to the gym early today because one of my morning classes was canceled. It was a totally different experience because of the different people who are there in the mornings. If I didn’t like sleep so much, I would probably like going to the gym even more in the morning because the people who are there then are just working out and doing their own thing. They’re not obnoxious. They just want to work out and that’s what I liked the most. 

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Fast Food Devil

Fast food is a problem for a lot of us in our daily lives. Most of us have incredibly busy schedules and it’s often way easier to grab food on the go then it is to make food. Fast food is linked to increased risk of obesity and should only be eaten in moderation and I learned this the hard way.

When I was in high school, I worked part-time in a fast food restaurant. At first I wouldn’t let myself eat the food but before long I was eating it every time I worked. Not only did I gain 40 pounds from eating it but it also made me feel gross and tired all the time. I quit that job and have rarely eaten fast food since. One thing you should think about when you’re eating food like that is about how much more time and effort it takes to lose the weight later. I gained that 40 pounds very quickly but it took many months more to lose it.

Eating healthy, homemade food is much better for you than any of this other stuff that is premade and served to you through a drive-thru window. If you want a burger, make it yourself. Most likely you can have an equivalent burger for significantly less calories than one from a fast food restaurant.

Think about what you eat and plan ahead if you have to by making meals ahead of time. Food is the first step in managing weight. If you don’t put it in you, then you don’t have to work it off.


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Greenhouse Project: Foundation

Now that the weather is a little bit warmer, we decided to get started on the greenhouse today. We started by creating a foundation which we did by digging a trench around where the perimeter of the greenhouse is going to be and put 6″x6″s in the ground, connected it together and backfilled around them. The greenhouse is going to be 8’x12′ when completed. Some pictures below:

More to come when we begin construction in the coming week!

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I know that sometimes sports isn’t everyone’s thing and I’m that person with the exception of baseball but I found that paintball is a great alternative. 

I went out today with a bunch of my friends and went to the spring opener at the local paintball field. I’ve been playing paintball for a couple of years and it’s definitely physically exerting and you almost always come home feeling sore but it’s always fun!

Paintball is expensive but if it’s something you’re going to do a lot, I think it’s defiantly worth the money! Give it a try, you never know, you may like it 🙂