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Empty Calories

One of the biggest problems we face when we are trying to restrict the amount of calories that we intake is using our calories wisely. Avoiding calories that you get from things like pop (soda) or juice is a great way to keep yourself from taking in calories that aren’t beneficial. You want every calorie that you take in during the day to be working toward keeping you full.

Pop and juice may seem like a tasty treat but they are really your biggest enemy when you’re on a diet. I recently read a study that showed that if you stop drinking pop and juice but change nothing else, you can lose almost 10 pounds! That’s huge considering you don’t even have to change how you eat.

Diet pop isn’t the answer either. Diet beverages contain aspartame which is hard on the body. They will also continue to make you gain or maintain the weight that you have. The whole zero calorie thing is a fad because the chemicals in it still make the body gain fat.

Replace those beverages with things like water, coffee or green tea. On a day you wish to treat yourself, have vitamin water instead. The occasional pop isn’t bad, just don’t have one every day!




I'm a university student currently attending Saint Mary's University and majoring in Criminology. I spend most of my free time going to the gym, driving my motorcycle or hanging out with friends.

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