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Fighting Snack Cravings

Everyone gets hungry between meals from time to time. Knowing how to fight those cravings is important for staying on track with your food intake. That doesn’t mean you can never have a snack but you shouldn’t always have a snack when you’re hungry.

There are a couple of things that work for me when I get hungry that work really well to suppress hunger:

  • First you should just try and distract yourself if you can. Dive into your work or read a book. Often we get hungry because we’re bored so try and entertain yourself.
  • Drink a glass of water or two. Water will fill the stomach and give you a temporary feeling of being full which will hopefully hold you off until your next meal.
  • Drink a cup of coffee or tea. These do the same thing as water with the added bonus of caffeine. Caffeine acts as a hunger suppressant and can help fight that hungry feeling

If you find that none of these work and you just can’t stop yourself from having a snack, make sure it’s a healthy one. Avoid sweets and other junk food and eat something that will actually fill you up and not make you hungrier. Fruit and vegetables are great options!



I'm a university student currently attending Saint Mary's University and majoring in Criminology. I spend most of my free time going to the gym, driving my motorcycle or hanging out with friends.

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