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Fitbit Surge Review

If you guys and gals are anything like me, there’s something that makes a workout even more satisfying when you can see stats at the end. It gives us something to look at after a long workout and something for us to compare ourselves to in the future. The Fitbit Surge is what I use during my workouts and everyday life.


Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is a great product but it does have a few downfalls that I’ll get to in a minute.


  • GPS tracking for outside runs and hikes
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Tracks steps, stairs and other daily activities
  • Automatically detects when you begin doing an activity
  • Long Battery life ( I get around 6 days with everyday regular use)
  • Notifications of texts and phone calls when linked with smartphone
  • Can be used to control music
  • Tracks your sleeping patterns
  • Syncs via Bluetooth to the Fitbit app


  • Can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear if worn with long sleeves
  • Is somewhat bulky
  • Its steep price of 329.95 Canadian

For the most part I’m very happy with my Fitbit and I think it has really pushes me to perform when I’m working out. It pushes me to do just five more minutes of cardio or to do just one more set when I’m lifting. I can’t imagine my workout without it!



I'm a university student currently attending Saint Mary's University and majoring in Criminology. I spend most of my free time going to the gym, driving my motorcycle or hanging out with friends.

2 thoughts on “Fitbit Surge Review

  1. Hey!Great review, I deffo get it as I’m a fellow fitbit user. Have you thought about the Fitbit Charge HR? I think it pretty much does the same thing except from controlling music (unless I just haven’t learnt to do that yet) and the battery life is a little shorter. It’s so much smaller and less clunky!! xx


    1. The Charge HR unfortunately does not have GPS. From the mobile app you can use MobileTrack to get GPS info but it isn’t from the tracker itself. Only the Surge has built-in GPS. The newly released Blaze has “connected-GPS” where if you put the tracker into exercise mode itself it will use your phone to get the GPS data. It really is the same as MobileTrack without requiring you to actually open the Fitbit App to start the GPS tracking since the Blaze will tell the phone to start recording GPS data.

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