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Being Social and Being Healthy

One of the hardest thing’s I’ve realized is that it is not easy to stay on track when you’re trying to be social. Socializing with friends always seems to revolve around eating and drinking. Whether you’re going out for food or grabbing a few drinks at the bar, its easy to ruin a week of progress.

Since it’s highly unlikely that anyone, including myself, is going to stop hanging out with their friends. The best thing you can do is try to enjoy the food and drinks in moderation. Maybe only have one beer at the bar and make it a like beer if you can. If you’re going out to dinner,¬†try to eat something that’s healthier from the menu and make sure that you’ve stayed on track the rest of the week so that you can meet your goals.

What happens if all this goes out the window when you get to the restaurant¬†or the bar? Just brush it off and get back on track. There’s no point in beating yourself up over it. Learn from what happened and get back on track to being a healthier and happier you!

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Respect Nature

There is a lot more to living a healthy lifestyle then just going to the gym and eating right. Nature and the environment around you are very important to living a healthy lifestyle. Industry creates greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere and these nasty greenhouse gases are in the air that we all breathe.

Everyone needs to do their part to help nature because in-turn, you’re helping yourselves. Cleaner air and cleaner water equals a healthier you. Walk to work or drive your bicycle if you can. Support sustainable products, industry and healthier GMO-free farm practices. Go out and pick up the garbage around your neighborhood. Buy locally grown food to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced from long hall trucks.

My point is to just do what you can for our planet because if we keep on our current course, there may not be a planet left 100 years from now.